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Monday July 6th 2015

WP e-Commerce at WordCamp San Francisco

Developers and users from all over the world descended on San Francisco this weekend for the annual WP love fest that is WordCamp San Francisco, and WP e-Commerce is proud to attend once again.  For the first time, WCSF is focused on developers and ran two tracks of 15 minute talks.  All the talks will be on shortly.  Slides are sure to be available soon.

Highlights from day one-

  • Michael Fields fascinating talk on blurring the lines between plugins and themes- extending themes by hooking into plugins and extending plugins by hooking into themes.
  • Adii Pienaar of WooThemes giving 8 essential lessons he’s learned- this was one of my favorite talks.
  • Chris Coyier talking about what he does best: optimizing the hell out of WordPress. A number of talks focused on this and server setups were a consistent chatter topic all day long.  It has prompted us to write a post all about the ideal server setup for WP e-Commerce that you’ll see next week!
  • JJJ previewing what’s to come from BBpress, and as you know, we use BBpress extensively to power our site.

Of course, the day usually belongs to Matt Mullenweg and his annual  State of the Word 2012.  Recounting last year’s goals and progress made towards them, Matt also covered statistics gained from the 2012 User Survey, talked about the upcoming Community Summit (our founder, Dan Milward in an invitee!) , previewed the twenty twelve theme, the brilliant changes coming to the WP mobile experience and well…. you can watch here.

What #wcsf Points Inspired WP e-Commerce

As we distilled what we learned from #wcsf in our weekly company meeting, a few things really hit home. Mobile, mobile, mobile. With an update to the WordPress ios coming any moment now, a lot of stress was placed on making WP e-Commerce more mobile friendly. Now that you an use most functions of a WP site in WP mobile, we need to accomodate WPEC users as well. Many of you have mentioned this, and we’re listening. Its on the roadmap to discuss in depth as soon as WPEC 3.8.9 is out.

Disaster plans: a key portion of Adii Pienaar’s talk was how customer service at WooThemes evolved so much during their hacking incident earlier in the year. WooThemes took immediate action, found innovative ways to respond to customers (twitter as a customer response channel) and kept people informed. While we have an emergency action plan here at WP e-Commerce, we realized we really needed to refine it, practice it and guard it in order to ensure our customers remain as informed and protected.

What inspired you at WordCamp San Francisco?

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