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Subject: Plan for next TomatoCart version – by: Crumplezone

jack.yin wrote: Step 1. Remove mootools framework from bootstrap template. I will rewrite the features with jquery for pc. Step 2. Improving the bootstrap template for mobile and tablets. It means the customer could buy products effectively in the mobile devices. This is [Read More]

Subject: Plan for next TomatoCart version – by: picaditto

Hi, everyone. I think the tomatocart is the best ecommerce script on the internet. I hope next realease soon. Any help from Portugal ask. View full post on TomatoCart – Forum [Read More]

v150 Mandatory SagePay Payment Gateway Upgrade to Protocol version 3

SagePay are telling UK customers to upgrade their payment gateway software to use their new SagePay 3 protocol. The deadline given is 31st July 2015. After that it seems that payments using previous protocol versions will not work. Specifically their website says "your [Read More]

v151 Filezilla – Is it Ok to Use Latest Version?

I have tried to resolve this question on my own and have come to a dead stop. Now I am going to the people I know I can rely on….namely the Zen Cart Forum. I read somewhere (I don’t remember where) that recent version(s) of Filezilla may have problems with [Read More]

v154 New products not showing up under categories after installing to 1.5.4 version

Since I uploaded to 1.5.4 version my new products only show under new products page and not under the category pages I placed them under. Also how do you delete products under "new products" page? My site is: www.p e t s p l u s h o r s e s u p p [Read More]

v139b Trying to run test version on temporary directory

I have up and running OK but for testing before upgrading to vesion 1.5.4 copied over al the files to a new folder called newscottishshopper (both directly under Have altered the two configure files but getting blank screen [Read More]

v154 Not getting payment notification after upgrade from Version 1.5.1 to 1.5.4

Hello, I successfully upgraded from Version 1.5.1 to 1.5.4. With Version 1.5.1, I used to get a notification of payment from the Zen Cart and from PayPal delivered to my e-mail inbox. After the upgrade, I only get the notification from PayPal. I liked the one from Zen Cart [Read More]

v139h Upgrade service need 1.3.9 to latest version

I need to upgrade my forum from 1.39 to the latest version, and was wondering if there was a service here to have it done. I know it won’t be for free. View full post on Zen Cart Support [Read More]

v139h Creating a mobile version of website – HELP!

Hi, My knowledge of zencart and php is very basic but I am trying to create a mobile version of my website and have the following questions: 1. Where do I put the m. file – in the same place as my index.php one or somewhere else on the server? 2. Do I call it [Read More]

My database version

Hi, I need to find out the version of an old (mid 2013) install. The problem to solve: I have my database with data (really?) in it, and for reasons beyond this topic I had to delete all the files, now I need to upload them again, and reinstall Zen Cart, I think I used [Read More]

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