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Wednesday May 6th 2015

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v151 interface broken with server side upgrades… Help

Greetings, I can only assume by the lack of chatter on this subject, I am the only ZenCart user who uses for shipping out our orders. Our interface has been rolling along great for the past several years without issue. Our hosting company did some [Read More]

help in by IdealAftab

Hi If u have any experience of Virtual Life at then please bid fast. I need help urgently. (Budget: $10 – $30 USD, Jobs: Psychology) View full post on Freelancer – New Projects [Read More]

v154 Help please

Hello, I am attaching a couple of pictures for problems that I cannot find anywhere. The first is way at the top I can see part of Enter tagline here. I have checked all the header.php files and it already has been removed so I do not know where its coming from. I am using [Read More]

v138a HTACCESS Infinate Loop blocking upgrade – URGENT HELP NEEDED

Hi, newbie here. My client has version 1.3.8a running in a subdirectory (/zencart) but it now requires a new design which i have been brought in to do on the latest ZC version. I’ve never worked with ZC and the previous designer just left it untouched for years. He [Read More]

Help with my Computer/Laptop/Device by ferrerollyrfs

Power point presentation (Budget: $250 – $750 USD, Jobs: Computer Help) View full post on Freelancer – New Projects [Read More]

help with crons by vw7233027vw

Need help with the cron jobs in my game. think it has to do with the crons or the coding in the pages. I have a few pages that need to be fixed. (Budget: $10 – $30 USD, Jobs: HTML) View full post on Freelancer – New Projects [Read More]

v151 HELP… This may be something to do with SSL installation or ?

Background to problem: I have been using HostGator for over 5 years with only very minor issues. On or about 03/23/2015 I found out customers could not place any orders. Testing using FireFox v37.0.2 showed that all links on the Zencart page appeared to be dead. The links [Read More]

v1.5.3 Help my website loads slow in IE8 but fine in FF and Chrome.

Hello My website has started loading very slow in internet explorer 8. It works just fine in foxfire , chrome and Opera. I haven’t done any real updates or plugin changes other than adding products. My website is Please check it for me to see if i [Read More]

v154 Please help me eliminate the Huge Slideshow or minimize the image sizes

Please help me eliminate the Huge Slideshow or minimize the image sizes. I have spent hours playing with the admin, source coe, css etc and still could not fix this issue. I really hope this would become a feature in the admin so we can turn off the slideshow or adjust the [Read More]

v151 Please help help

I have zen cart website i am registered with affiliate network program. i need want to know how to add affiliate link codes to my website . This is what i want do below. Please can anybody advice me how i can do this on my zen cart website. How do I copy and paste [Read More]

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Subject: Kitchen design ideas – by: bignose

Kitchen design ideas. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. £ 595 Each with appliances.Tel [Read More]

Mechanical Engineer to design a Fitness Product by teamholland

Need a ME to solve a design concept involving an exercise ball (Budget: $250 – $750 USD, Jobs: Graphic [Read More]

Need Chiropractors database worldwide by neerchat

I need readymade data … I dont want scraping to done. Please bid only if you have readymade chiropractor data. [Read More]

v151 New Category has no category page but displays main page when clicked

I can’t seem to figure out what I did wrong here… I just created a new [Read More]

require php file to be loaded into define pages editor?

Usually in php you can add pages to another page by Code: <?php include('add_this page.php'); include('add_this [Read More]

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