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Thursday July 10th 2014

OpenMandriva “Secretly” Moving Forward

From time to time we get a trickle of information from the Mandriva camp and a couple of days ago we found out that OpenMandriva Linux is cooking. It was sandwiched in a post updating folks on the state of the OpenMandriva Project.

The foundation has made good use of the servers donated, which are being set up with all the infrastructure a promising open source project might need. Most of their web presence is now on the good graces of Mandriva SA (who announced their new Business Server today).

But the next paragraph had the jewel of a hint that at least a developmental snapshot of OpenMandriva Linux might make an appearance in a couple of months. Jean-Claude Vanier said, "’Secretly,’ our distribution is moving forward and we really hope have a release in less than 2 months time." He then points to repositories currently being populated with all the software needed to roll up a release.

Looking through there we see KDE 4.10, Apache 2.4.3, Firefox 18.0.2, GCC 4.7.3, GIMPs 2.8.2 and 2.8.4, GNOME 3.6.2, Linux 3.7.6, MySQL 5.5.30, and Xorg 7.7. See the full post for more details.

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