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Thursday October 8th 2015


By mbarvian

Hi guys,

I’m just trying to work my way through the git tutorial and I’m running into some problems. Here’s what I’m doing, using the Welterweight path:

git clone git:// site
cd site
git submodule update --init

git branch development
git checkout development
... add extensions
git remote add development ...
... set up git-deploy

At this point, I would now deploy the development branch to my dev server, install symphony, get stuff set up there, commit on the server, then pull the changes on the local branch. Where it starts getting hairy is keeping track of which files to ignore and such, as I’m not entirely sure how the .gitignore file works between branches and remotes. My question to you is, if I plan on pulling updates from the symphony repo, is it safe to edit the .gitignore file to include my workspace after I branch?

Also, if you’re deploying on development and production servers using the cloned symphony repo, I’d love to hear your workflow :)


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