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Friday July 11th 2014

Fuduntu Gets New Release

FuduntuFuduntu, the distro with a pun for a name, has released its latest quarterly update. Version 2012.4 was released today with the usual "small incremental distribution improvements" including "several changes, new features, and improvements."

The first improvement spoken of in the announcement is a change in TMPFS that should result in increased performance and longer battery life. A prominent memory bug has been fixed and Sudo can enabled at first boot. "Jupiter 0.1.6 is included in this release, allowing for restore on resume from standby and updates to power management."

fuduntuFuduntu 2012.4 sports a new theme and several new backgrounds. Mono has been exorcised from the default install and there’s been a change in the default application line-up. "LibreOffice, GIMP, and Thunderbird are now all included from install. In addition, VLC has replaced Banshee as the default audio program as well as the default video program." In addition, the kernel was upgraded to version 3.4.10.

Andrew Wyatt also reported that the community surrounding Fuduntu "has seen a spike" and many people are using Fuduntu. "Currently, Fuduntu has an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 users and is seeing approximately 12TB of data movement per month across all mirrors between cycles with approximately 16-20TB during release months."

See the full announcement for download information.

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