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Parsing parameters inside text area possible?

By moonoo2 Is there scope for inserting something like this in a section textarea: Copyright (C) {$root} 2012 And somehow alter the parameter before it gets output to the frontend page? If so is it best done using an extension that grabs the output XML and creates [Read More]

godaddy shared hosting symphony installation

By thisguy27 I’ve looked all over for the answer to this. First of all, I should have known better than to use godaddy shared hosting (or godaddy at all). with that out of they way, I don’t have proper permissions on the root folder to run the installation of [Read More]

How do I get granular on XML content structures with inline HTML?

By digikev Hello all, I downloaded, installed and have been playing enthusiastically with Symphony since yesterday. I am a complete virgin when it comes to XSLT, but I know it is what I need in order to keep my content nicely separated from markup, and nimble enough to [Read More]

Too Ambitious? Pitfalls?

By NeilC Firstly let me say that I am a WordPress Refugee. I love WordPress, but I am concerned that it wont scale (or be fast enough) for my latest project and I think Symphony may just be my saviour! I am trying to create a Football (soccer) website with an emphasis on [Read More]

TYPO3 Conference 2012 T3CON12, Germany: Call for papers

But before we get to it, we have some more things to talk about before. This year we will have an open voting for the talks. Everybody with a account will be able to vote on the talks. This way we think we can have the most interesting lineup of talks we ever had. [Read More]

Running dynamic DS’s from Cron or in the background

By creativedutchmen Has anyone ever rewritten dynamic datasources to just load from a cache file, and refresh that cache file using cron in the background? My current website will import feeds from about 10 different websites, and the first visitor will face load times of [Read More]

Mandriva Foundation Structure Illustrated, OpenMDV Intro’d

Mandriva Open Source Relations Manager, Charles Schulz, today tried to clarify the foundation’s vision of structure of community interaction and resulting products. Instead of explaining, he posted a flow-chart to illustrate the relationships between downstream and [Read More]

XSL Resource Loader

By phoque A new extension, “XSL Resource Loader” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker. This is more of a proof-of-concept but the basic gist goes like this: With [Read More]

TYPO3 Phoenix Sprint 8 Released

Finishing sprints has gained a higher priority than working on development right now. FLOW3 will always need development, but we are at a stage where FLOW3 is considered a solid basis for further developing our next generation CMS, code-named Phoenix for the time being. So, [Read More]

Subject: Very Urgent – by: bmwdidier

Hello, In admin: Start–>Definitions–>Languages–>clik on ‘Edit Modules’-icon (flags) A new window opens: Select ‘checkout’ on the left and scroll down to ‘order_processed_succesfully’ on the right. change it’s value [Read More]

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v150 Shipping By Quote by hayden

I searched but couldn’t find a dedicated support thread for Shipping By Quote by hayden My first question is i [Read More]

Subject: MercadoPago payment – by: rcliment

Hello im from Argentina, i need use this method The plataform send me next file and i dont understand with configure [Read More]

v154 Template keeps changing itself

1.54 fresh install. I’ve installed ckeditor. columns & hide category. When I chose the template. Look at it [Read More]

Dolibarr- Add badge if product have a particular category by alerizzi3

We have some products in our Dolibarr. We have a master classification, "On catalog" or "Out of [Read More]

Design a Flyer: 65 days of Tracy the Marquees mannequin. by janine77

Hi everyone! I am looking for a graphic designer to work on my Ed fringe flyers and for a Programme design also for my [Read More]

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