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Showcase Template for Pligg CMS Showcase is a slick professional multi-column auto-thumb-nailing template for Pligg CMS. Features include Sort submissions by date in the sidebar using a fancy ajax calendar. Auto thumbnail creation of the submitted outgoing url using the [Read More]

Subject: Not Allowing customers to pay with credit card ?!? – by: ChoppersKisses

For some reason I have paypal payments standard set up. However when some people try to pay with a credit card it won’t work it says somethig about contact the merchant that some address is wrong. I contacted paypal for the issue and they said it had to do with the [Read More]

Autocomplete Tags

By tachyondecay A new extension, “Autocomplete Tags” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker. View full post on Symphony – Forum [Read More]

Subject: Help me display 4 product on row homepage – by: hendra

i can edit now for add colume at TomatoCart v1.1.4 in: public_html/includes/modules/content ew_products.php edit this code: if(($i % 4 == 0) && ($i != 0)) $this->_content .= ”; $product = new osC_Product($Qnewproducts->valueInt(‘products_id’)); [Read More]

Thilanka Kaushalya: AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface – GSOC 2011 – Fourth week

After ajaxifying the table-> insert in db-> structure in last week, I had to fix some bugs in the same option this week also. Then I started applying ajax dialog for muti_row->change in the table->browse option. As Marc requested I have changed the name of the [Read More]


By Zimmen This question is primarily toward Nils but anyone can jump in. I’m wondering whether i’m getting this wrong or not… I have a site which uses the extensions “Date and time 2.0″ and “Subsection manager 1.2″ Both extensions [Read More]

All the Free Linux Documentation Resources You’ll Ever Need

One of the biggest complaints that many people–especially IT administrators–have about open source software is that there isn’t adequate documentation. For significant open source projects, though, the communities surrounding them tend to accumulate very [Read More]

L’avenir du e-commerce… les marques et l’émotion

Plus de 250 participants, des experts renommés, et l’occasion d’écouter des porte-paroles emblématiques du secteur s’exprimer… Compte tenu des bouleversements constatés au cours des 5 dernières années, comment distinguer les tendances du e-commerce ?, quels [Read More]

For Mozilla, Google and Bug Hunters, Bug Bounties Are Big Business

We’ve written before about bug bounties–cash prizes offered by open source communities to anyone who finds key software bugs–ranging from FOSS Factory’s bounty programs to the bounties that both Google (for the Chrome browser) and Mozilla offer. Over [Read More]

EXSLT Calendar

A Calendar utility By kanduvisla This utility creates a calendar. It doesn’t require any other XSLT-utilities, and it provides functionality to create previous- and next-buttons and dynamic links. It only requires EXSLT to be installed. View full post on [Read More]

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Subject: Fitted Kitchens Sheffield – by: hacibij

Fitted Kitchens Sheffield Fitted kitchens in Sheffield for only £595 including [Read More]

Marksheet copy by handsraconteurs

I need a fake marksheet. I have a sample and all the details and marks necessary to input into marksheet. Thank you. [Read More]

TIRED BIDDING??BULK PROJECTS!!!EARN $300 A DAY” by wlucychgqerono47 (copy and paste) is looking to hire Serious, Dedicated and Honest [Read More]

Subject: Stilhaus Kitchens Reviews – by: satsatria

What a great forum this is. Full of fantastic tips and information. So glad I found it. View full post on [Read More]

Subject: Stilhaus Kitchens Review – by: Cheonsa12

This Forum is probably the best forum that i have ever used and i would just like to say how proud i am to be a member [Read More]

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