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Subject: Checkout – by: kbullen

Hi, I am trying to test my checkout page and I get to shipping method and I want it to be free shipping so it says that that is the only option so I select continue so I can go to payment information and othing happens. I have set up and enabled my merchant account [Read More]

PeaceLoveWorld on Magento

PearceLoveWorld on Magento View full post on Magento – Open Source eCommerce [Read More]

Subject: Welcome Sign – by: kbullen

is there a way to delete the “Welcome to ! on the homepage? Also, I have the featured products on the front page. Can I make it bigger? Thanks! kbullen View full post on TomatoCart – Forum [Read More]

Subject: Welcome and Homepage Info modules – by: Antun

There were already some posts about deleting and editing welcome message and homepage info text. Now as I*m dealing with this issue, become a need to set them in a box containers. Might help if you want to exclude any of this parts, or change their vertical position. [Read More]

Subject: Nivo Slider module (installable and with options that can be set) – by: mooiwink

Hi Grantporter, Great work, i installed the nivooslider on a tweaked TC 1.1.2. without any problems. The only thing that i have to change is the info bar that is being displayed on the bottom of the slide, it’s messing up my slides but that’s not a big issue. [Read More]

Mandriva 2011 Delayed Due to Major Changes

Mandriva 2011 has been delayed primarily because of their major change to RPM5. RPM5 is a fork of RPM, (Red Hat Package Management) which was currently at 4.8.1, that offers faster performance and fewer operational errors. Because a preview was promised today, a Mandriva [Read More]

Extra Fields in Story

This may be the simpliest question, but I cant figure it out. I enabled Extra Fields in the admin>configure>misc section. I see that in link summary the extra fields are in the code, but how do I add the extra field fields to the Submit page so that I can actually [Read More]

Subject: Nivo Slider module (installable and with options that can be set) – by: grantporter

Hi Antun, Yes you did all the legwork and I give you full credit, but I took your advice and developed the Nivoo Slider further, I am also pressed for time, I have other paying projects that I need to continue working on, so it is not as good as it could be! I have [Read More]

Linus Torvalds Never Imagined the Current Linux Ecosystem

In a magazine interview in the late 1990s, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was asked whether he, Steve Jobs and the other early minds behind the Macintosh ever envisioned what their technology, and personal computers in general, would become. He responded that nobody on the [Read More]

Twitter Buzzing with Tweets for #MagentoImagine!

Tweets from around the world for #MagentoImagine Excitement! Excitement is the best word I can use to describe our #MagentoImagine Twitter feed which is full with tweets from folks all around the world, getting geared up for Magento’s Inaugural Imagine eCommerce [Read More]

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v151 Header and Footer 100% Widened left to Right, Body Fixed

I know this has been discussed on here to death, but no one has been successful at it so far, at least from I’ve [Read More]

Buy Skrill money..- by wagensport

I need buy Skrill today and now ! If you have balance on your Skrill , pls contact me. via SkypeID : kleinfritch96 [Read More]

Translate Something by MasudSultan

hello im looking for some one who can translate 700 words from german to english no google translate (Budget: $30-$250 [Read More]

v150 Featured Image alignment and the white space under logo

Could anyone please help me with the featured image alignment on main page. I’d like to make it either go left or [Read More]

Customize WordPress Site by microsolutionz

I have the contents, all I need is someone to customize a wordpress template. (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Website [Read More]

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